Experience Factor (Formerly The Boomer Group) Fills Niche During Economic Downturn

DENVER—The turbulent job market is providing a boost for The Boomer Group, a local staffing agency that connects companies with talented baby boomer workers. In particular, The Boomer Group has found its niche, experienced baby boomers, in a sought after worker demographic for firms seeking contract or long‐term staffing today.

“Many companies are trying to find alternative work models to get the work done efficiently. We are hearing from companies that they need contract staff who can jump right in and provide smart, fast and experienced help. At The Boomer Group, that’s our niche,” said Stephanie Klein, president, The Boomer Group.

Established in 2003, The Boomer Group provides experienced contract or direct‐hire employment to Colorado companies. The company recorded a 45% increase in sales from 2007 to 2008.

Financial Services Company Seeks Experienced Support

The Boomer Group has seen an influx of demand from one Denver‐based financial service company that is coping with stressed – and sometimes irate – investors. Calls to the firm spike after 401k statements are mailed, hence the need for a surge in experienced help.

Klein says financial service companies have told her that her baby boomer workers with a background in finance and customer service are an enormous help during the stormy, three‐ week window after 401k statements are distributed to shareholders. “These workers have experience and perspective. They offer a calm, supportive and knowledgeable voice during these turbulent times,” she says.

Klein says financial firms know this surge is cyclical and gear up every quarter when statements are distributed. For many of The Boomer Group placements, some of whom are mid‐career or retired, these opportunities can provide challenging work without a full‐time job commitment.

Companies pay a premium for The Boomer Group placements, but Klein says companies report the value these workers bring well exceeds costs.

About The Boomer Group (www.theboomergroup.net)Established in 2003, The Boomer Group specializes in helping companies get work done fast by recruiting and placing the top, most experienced Baby Boomers in the job market. The Boomer Group conducts prescreening, skills evaluation, reference checks, employment verification, in depth behavioral‐based interviews, and evaluation of personality traits and professional work ethics for contract and direct‐hire employment. The Boomer Group works closely with companies throughout recruitment, evaluation, placement, and negotiation to make sure employers get the best Boomer for the job. The Boomer Group may be reached at 303.300.6976.


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