Employers Digest – June 2009 (Denver, CO)

Boomer Love

For those of you who know me, you know I have a lot on my mind and strong opinions about recruitment and staffing. The Boomer Group staff and I come in contact with so many employers in Colorado that are on the cutting edge of innovation, and we meet great boomer candidates almost every day who continuously seek and find meaningful work and ways to add value.

We have about 4,000 subscribers to this e-zine. As HR professionals or individuals seeking a position, we face many of the same hurdles in a challenging business climate. I know you have a lot on your mind and can offer strategies and tactics for candidates or companies looking for smart, experienced talent.  As a result, I’d like to ask you to participate in this e-zine and our blog. Please sign up to be notified when posts are added to our The Boomer Group Blog. Do this by requesting email updates at the blog (click here); by subscribing to the RSS feed (click here); or linking to The Experience Factor Facebook page or my Linked In page.  And, if one of the blog posts gets you going, post a comment. Finally, we’re adding a new column this month calledBoomer Q&A. I look forward to your comments, rants and questions.

Boomer Love,
Stephanie Klein

News to Use

Good news on jobs
Forbes reports the U.S. economy shed 345,000 jobs in May, far fewer than expected.

Headhunters sniff change in the air for executive hiring

Recruiters, according to this CFO.com report, show a spike in confidence for the job market. But dramatic improvement may be further down the road.

Try This

Tools to manage the recruiting and hiring process(PDF)
Recessions can inspire recruiting bonanzas.  Smart companies use this time to top-grade current staff and prepare for post-recession growth.  Check out this tool from the Harvard Business Review to help attract the best talent and retain the best employees longer.

You Asked What?

Hold the interview
A good interview doesn’t guarantee a good hire.

Cracking the human resource code
Comedy Central provides insight into what those key HR phrases really mean.

Colorado Twist

Colorado’s creative economy
A recent study defines “creatives” as the fifth largest cluster of Colorado’s economy.

What’s Next?

Unique career transition outplacement company
Every day, we at The Boomer Group interact with Colorado’s top employers, helping them find and hire the best boomers — people who can get work done well and quickly.  In our role as placement specialists, we have seen a consistent need for experienced, specialized services to help displaced employees find their next position. Many companies want to offer this service to exiting employees, but they also want to know there is a real value in the service; enter What’s Next Career Transition Services.

What’s Next is a unique career transition outplacement company that believes that relationships and personal accountability drive a successful career transition, not one-size-fits-all formulated programs.  What’s Next tailors programs to meet the needs of the individual.  We are a Colorado company that understands our market and what it takes for professionals in transition to land that next job or successfully launch a new career.  Relationships drive business, and our team works tirelessly to build value-exchange relationships with hundreds of local businesses and community leaders.  We connect people to resources, not just work books and Web sites. To learn more about What’s Next, visit the site at www.whatsnextconsulting.net.

Boomer Q&A

Got questions? Win a book.
We’re starting a new Q&A column this issue. If you have questions for us on job placement, recruiting, or anything else we touch on, email me. Best question will win you a free new copy ofENCORE by Marc Freedman, a great book on finding work that matters. And if we don’t know the answer, we’ll post it on theblog to have others help us find it.


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