Employers Digest – April 2009

Boomer Love

Stephanie Klein: We’re back!
Crazy times mean drastic measures—like re-launching The Boomer Group newsletter, getting covered in the New York TimesDenver Post and Denver Business Journal—all this month.

News to Use

U.S. government focuses on keeping boomers
Hiring and retaining skilled, knowledgeable boomers??? U.S. Government report suggest feds stealing a page from The Boomer Group playbook.

Why Facebook is for old fogies
Time Magazine: 10 reasons why Facebook is made for baby boomers too.

Try This

Toxic colleagues corrode performance (PDF)
For you, we read and share. Check this post summarizing a fascinating Harvard Business Review article on how antisocial workers are far more toxic than managers imagine.

You Asked What?

Five behavioral interview questions to try (PDF)
Adapted from You’re Not the Person I Hired, use these five behavioral-based interview questions to uncover who your applicant really is.

Colorado Twist

Unemployment benefits extended in Colorado
Because we’ve hit a rolling three-month average of more than six percent unemployment, the federal government has added 13 weeks of Emergency Unemployment Compensation in Colorado.


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